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Ophelia Lovibond and Hugh Skinner are back playing lowly cogs in BBC mockumentary W1A; in the meantime their high-flying Hollywood and stage careers are just getting going. They tell Samuel Fishwick about partying with Russell Crowe and dinners with Jim Carrey

Ophelia Lovibond

With her glossy good looks and private school diction, Ophelia Lovibond makes an unlikely tea lady. Yet the doe-eyed actress is so con-vincing as PA Izzy Gould in W1A, the BBC send-up of itself, that she is often asked to make coffee runs by unsuspecting staff while filming at Broadcasting House. ‘They all think I work there,’ she sniggers. ‘One lady even offered to show me where the nice milk was kept in the fridge.’

The line between art and reality is often wafer thin in the satire, a follow-up to Twenty Twelve, the BAFTA-winning fly-on-the-wall mockumentary that followed the trials of the fictional Olympic Deliverance Commission in the run-up to London 2012. By way of example Lovibond says: ‘We got stuck when we were filming in the Broadcasting House foyer this series because our passes didn’t actually work and the guard refused to wave us through.’

The first series of W1A had widespread appeal, despite its BBC in-jokes, as it parodied the jargon of modern management. Leading the cast is Hugh Bonneville’s Head of Values Ian Fletcher, who offers up lines such as: ‘[we are] about resetting the dial for the BBC and perhaps shining a new light on that dial, or at least shining the old light but with a new bulb.’ Another favourite is Jessica Hynes’ PR Siobhan Sharpe, who says: ‘OK, you wanna upsize your footprint, then you gotta get different shoes.’

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The gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures of Ophelia in episode 1.01 of Inside No. 9 entitled Sardines. Enjoy the new additions!

Gallery link:
1.01 – Sardines

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A one-hour special marks the return of the award-winning comedy about the BBC.
Confirmed for BBC Two on 23 April at 9pm to 10pm
Thursday 23 April

One year on and Head of Values Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville) has finally got his own office. He and the team have a new set of challenges to rise to, including the impending Royal visit of HRH The Prince of Wales. The question is, which of the management team will get to shake the royal hand?

Head of BBC Brand Siobhan Sharpe (Jessica Hynes) and her team at Perfect Curve have been tasked with giving a makeover to the BBC coverage of Wimbledon following rumours of a bid from a rival broadcaster. Her response is a brand mashup to end all brand mashups.

Meanwhile, over on the creative frontline, Entertainment Format Producer David Wilkes (Rufus Jones) is trying to come up with the next big Factual Entertainment series after Britain’s Tastiest Village failed to fly. He’s got the title – Up Town, Down Town – he just hasn’t got a show, or a cast.

Finally, intern Will Humphries’ (Hugh Skinner) security pass won’t let him into the building: is it a technical problem or something more significant?

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Ophelia Lovibond has backed fellow actress Keira Knightley in a debate over gender imbalance in Hollywood, claiming female characters are underwritten.

The Londoner and star of BBC2 satire W1A said she finds it frustrating that female roles lack depth.

In an interview with ES Magazine, published tomorrow, Lovibond said of films: “All the other characters are so well-rounded, and it’s just frustrating because female characters aren’t.

“It’s not that they’re badly written, they’re just underwritten. They have no internal monologues, they could be absolutely anyone.”

She said the solution would be to “invert all the names, swap everything around”.

Last month Knightley, 30, spoke out about the lack of female stories, directors and writers in Hollywood, telling Violet magazine she was “more concerned over the lack of our voices being heard” than the gender pay gap.

Lovibond, 29, plays PA Izzy Gould in W1A. She has recently appeared in Sky Atlantic’s Mr Sloane and is in romantic comedy Man Up with Simon Pegg, released this month.

Last year she spent five months in New York filming the US TV series Elementary, inspired by Sherlock Holmes, with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.

Lovibond, who counts Caroline Flack and Jack Whitehall among her friends, said she also hopes to achieve success on stage: “Oh my God, I would love to go on stage so much. I’m undignified with how badly I want it.”

She grew up in Hammersmith and now divides her time between Hampstead, where she lives with actor boyfriend Tom Hughes, and Los Angeles.

W1A is set to return to BBC2 later this month.


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Ein von Ophelia Lovibond (@opheliabits) gepostetes Foto am

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Last night Ophelia Lovibond attended the 2015 Jameson Empire Awards in London. Thanks to my friends Mouza and Claudia we now have over 110 pictures of Ophelia at the event in the gallery.

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Ophelia Lovibond is currently attending the 2015 Jameson Empire Awards in London and thanks to my friend Mouza we have our first look of Ophelia at the event.

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Last night Ophelia Lovibond attended BBC Films’ 25th Anniversary Party in London. Nearly 70 pictures of Ophelia at the event have been added to the gallery with thanks to Mouza for many of the pictures.

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Last night Ophelia Lovibond attended the Into Film Awards in London which celebrates the best young filmmakers and review writers. Over 50 pictures of Ophelia at the event have been added to the gallery with thanks to Mouza for some of the pictures.

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The first official trailer for Man Up has been released a few days ago. Watch it below.

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